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  1. Hi Kelly! Just recently discovered you and your work. Loving it! Want to get your book too? I ‘love’ all things Richard Ramirez and I’m always looking for new and interesting things about him that isn’t already common knowledge. I used to write to him way back around 00-01. Thought there was something wrong with me so I stopped :( Would love to see and hear about anything and everything to do with him. It fascinates me to see how he actually interacted with people. Please share more about him. Thank you for what you do!

  2. WOW! How thoughtful of you to say! I really appreciate that. I have several books by RJ Parker Publishing. Richard was a very unusual man. Im glad you got to experience that. There are a few podcast interviews Ive done talking about Richard. Email me and Ill try to hunt them up for you. I will definitely come up with a video just for you. Thanks very much for reading.


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