Alyssa Bustamante Update

In May, I received an email from Alyssa Bustamante's account saying she was in lockdown and would be for some time. The email was written by a friend, saying Alyssa had asked me to send her word searches and crosswords, etc.

I finally got that all together and sent it off this week. I only hear from her once in a while. 

I heard from Whitney Grey via Jpay. She has been quarantined after testing positive. She has since recovered but the whole prison is quarantined to their own cells.

Morgan Smith has A LOT to say about the conditions in her prison. I will post that email from her this week. 

That's about it for inmate correspondence this month. I haven't written as many letters since I've come close to the end of the first phase of writing in my next book. 

If you follow The Woman Condemned on Facebook, you can win an autographed copy of Judith A Yates book, Bullied to Death, this month. 

Check out the YouTube videos to see artwork and letters from women on death row and hear the story in their own words. 


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