Michelle Boat Killed Her Husbands Lover

I’ve just begun watching Dirty John: The Betty Broderick Story. I am one of those folks who are on the fence about Betty. I have been in her shoes. The gaslighting she endured was particularly familiar. I know what she felt but I know murder wasn’t the answer. At the same time, its been proven that those types of situations, love triangles, callous treatment of the jaded wife, can, and often do, end up with the other woman and the callous husband dead as hell.

 I can’t help but feel like it’s a rather harsh punishment for being a dick but punishment it is. Gaslighting is real. It works, but it can get the manipulator killed in the long run. It’s a dangerous manipulative mind game.

With last night’s bingeing of four episodes fresh in my mind, I found today's post subject.

Michelle Boat has been charged for the first-degree murder of Tracy Mondabough, a woman who had recently become involved with Michelle’s estranged husband, Nicholas Boat. The two had separated in March 2020 after 20 years of marriage. Nicholas started dating Tracy shortly afterward.

Michelle had already been in trouble with law enforcement for stalking Tracy and a no-contact order had been put into place in late March. She had followed Tracy and Nicholas all around their Iowa hometown of Pell and anywhere else they went. She even accosted Nicholas several times and always screaming threats at Tracy. On March 22nd, she was charged with domestic abuse, the first trouble she had ever been in in her life.

Michelle went on to be charged 6 more times for various offenses including harassing Nicholas on the job and verbally assaulting another family member. At 7:45 p.m., Monday, May 18th, Nicholas reported to police she was back at his job.

At 8:30 p.m. that same night, police were called to a disturbance at Tracy’s home. They found her stabbed to death in her car, still seat belted in. Witnesses told police a woman in a silver Cadillac had pulled up and began fighting with her, screaming “He doesn’t belong to you”!

It wasn’t hard to put two and two together.

Police went to Michelle Boat’s home where they found the car still warm with blood smeared on its exterior in her driveway. She opened the door to them fresh from the shower. Searching the house, they found bloody rubber gloves in the top tank of the toilet. A single outfit was found washing in the washing machine. She was arrested and charged with the murder. Here are the documents. 

During the immediate investigation, cameras show her tailing Tracy all over town that day.

So far, there is no information leading us to believe Nicholas was abusive or gaslighted Michelle. But after watching Betty’s story just before this, it’s the first thing that popped into my mind. Most women, even after 20 years of marriage, aren’t going to murder the other woman. They may do some mean stuff but murder? I think something else had to be going on.

I’m curious to see what comes out in court. Maybe she’s just mean and crazy and that’s why Nicholas left in the first place.  Or maybe Nicholas and Tracy drove her crazy with cruelty. It happenes. Time will tell. I'll keep you posted.




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