Jacqueline Luongo

 Our next installment in the chronicles of female crime is the illustrious Jacqueline Luongo, who not only killed her roommate in a most gruesome fashion but also hired a hitman to murder her ex when she refused to participate in her murderous shenanigans. 

I'm putting together a short video on her case that will go up in the next few days.

Congratulations to Danielle Connelly from our Woman Condemned Facebook page for her win last month of the Jude Yates book, Bullied to Death. You can join the Facebook page from the link on the right. Our next contest will be announced later this week. Get free books, collectibles, and novelty items. 

If you get a minute, check out the video I did on Lisa Cunningham. It's getting a lot of views and comments. Add your two cents, and don't forget to like and subscribe. 

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