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A Decade of Troubled Women and I'm One of Them: The Secret Ive Kept From My Readers

 This blog is 10 years old this year. Before this web address, it was just WomanCondemned. I had to change it to TheWomanCondemned when the account was hacked. So its really much older, more like 15 years old.  In the early days, I wrote more about my personal life; my job as a crime journalist for my local paper, raising six kids, and rural life. I wrote about my mom when she was dying of lung cancer, my divorce after 17 years of marriage, and my oldest joining the Army. Stressful stuff. Eventually, I stuck only to the women on death row, or those going through a murder trial because I was afraid my personal life was too boring. I've been rethinking this approach of late. I received so much support when my mom was dying, I don't think I would have come out of the other side of that misery without this blog and you readers who reached out. During the seven or so years that I was editing my personal life from this blog, something horrific happened. I was a player in a gruesome m

Whitney Gray and Lois Riess Updates