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Imposter Syndrome - What do you have in common with serial murderers?

  We all doubt ourselves from time to time. It is a healthy way to challenge ourselves and learn to be more resilient. A healthy sense of self-doubt keeps us in check with our goals and is a constant reminder of what we need to do to accomplish them. If we doubt ourselves too much, however, it can cause problems in all areas of life. Self-doubt can be crippling if it isn't controlled. In fact, many serial murderers begin because of this crippling self-confidence issue. That's just an excuse, of course, since thousands of people experience it but don't turn to violence. For some people, however, it's the thing that sets them over the edge. Fortunately, there are many ways to master suffocating self-doubt and turn it into sustenance for the soul. Imposter Syndrome Self-doubt can be so overpowering it has its own moniker, Imposter Syndrome. This occurs when every fiber of your being tells you that your successes are pure luck. You truly believe that your skill, ambition

Crazy Female Criminals in May 2022

 While searching for interesting topics for June blog posts, I ran across all kinds of crazy crap happening in May. From a lady in Louisianna running through heavy traffic with a baby in a stroller to several women killing their men, to a couple who killed their own children - May 2022 was CRAzzzzzyyyyy.  Don't forget to let me know if you think any of these gals will end up on death row - OR - if you think any of them don't belong in jail. Check it out below - and if you aren't a subscriber, would you please click that button?