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Pennsylvania Woman Lures Ex to His Death - New Age Black Widow?

 A Lancaster County woman, Danielle Bewley, 30 was convicted on Dec. 20, 2022 in the murder of her estranged husband, Mitchell Bewley. From the 100 block of Locust Lane, Bewley was convicted of first-degree murder after a five-day bench trial. She has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.  As the story goes, on Valentine's Day in 2021, Mitchell was lured by Danielle to a PNC Bank in Strasburg around 5:30 p.m. where he was shot five times in the torso.  Assistant District Attorney Christine Wilson presented evidence that the killing was premeditated.  “On Valentine’s Day of 2021, the defendant executed a plan and then executed the victim,” Wilson said. “She had it all planned out. It was specific premeditation. She was lying in wait for the victim to get there.” Evidence and testimony presented throughout the trial included:  -Witnesses at the PNC Bank heard the gunshots.  -The coroner who conducted the autopsy testified all five shots could have been f

NJ Woman Buries Son in Her Yard

  A New Jersey woman,  28-year-old Nakira Griner, accused of killing her toddler son almost four years ago and telling police he had been kidnapped before his remains were found buried in the yard of her New Jersey home has been convicted of murder and other charges. Twenty-eight-year-old Nakira Griner of Bridgeton will face a mandatory term of life in prison without parole when she is sentenced in April 2023. She was convicted by a jury in March of first-degree murder, desecration of human remains, child endangerment, evidence tampering and false public alarm. She initially told police in 2019 that she had been attacked on the street and 23-month-old Daniel Jr. had been abducted. An intensive search began but the child’s burnt remains were found the next day in the yard of her home, and an autopsy concluded that he had been beaten to death, authorities said. Nakira later told police that the child accidentally fell down a flight of stairs in the family home, but she said in phone call

OK Woman Chops up Abusive Fiancé.

  WOAH! Yet ANOTHER woman who murdered a man she was trying to steal property from. She is covered in blood in her mugshot! She had walked into the police department and told them she tried to cut her fiance's head off. A McAlester, OK woman, Crystal Marie Haworth, 33 awaits sentencing after pleading guilty to stabbing 57-year-old Leonard Brokeshoulder to death in 2020. She pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in Indian Country as part of a plea deal in early March 2023 with federal prosecutors. Haworth was originally indicted in the Eastern District of Oklahoma in May 2021. As part of the plea deal, prosecutors dismissed an indictment of murder in Indian Country and charged Haworth by information with the second-degree murder charge. The woman was charged in federal court due to Brokeshoulder’s status as a Native American and the 2020 U.S. Supreme Court ruling in McGirt v. Oklahoma and subsequent rulings made by the Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals applying the ruling to the

Another Deadly Custody Battle

  Texas prosecutors say Rita Lynn Evans was convicted of criminal solicitation for paying a man to set a home on fire in a child custody-based murder-for-hire plot. Evans paid a man $1,500 cash to burn down the home with the couple fighting her for custody in it before a court hearing. According to the affidavit, there are Facebook messages, cell phone records, and security videos confirming the transaction. The man she paid said he had accepted the money but never intended to follow through. Evans is in the Leon County jail and will be sentenced next month. I can't find a single piece of information beyond what we have here. Hopefully, something else will crop up soon. If you live in TX let us know!

Donatila O'Mahony- Plot to Steal Home Ends in Murder

  Geeeeeeeez, this really reminds me of Pam Huff. Have you seen The Thing About Pam? It's on Peacock. Donatila O'Mahony, on Long Island, was convicted of murder and forgery charges after she shot and killed Lee Pedersen inside his Aquebogue home in 2020. O'Mahony forged Pedersen's will in an attempt to claim ownership of the home. The judge said before the sentencing that he could not imagine a more "evil plot." A 43-year-old Long Island woman convicted in the “cold-blooded” execution murder of a 69-year-old homeowner to forge his will and start living on the property will spend a quarter century to the remainder of her life in her new prison home. “Prior to the murder, in 2019, O’Mahony asked a friend in New Jersey to purchase a Sig Sauer 9mm handgun, which she would later use to kill Pedersen. On the night of the murder, she borrowed that same friend’s car, which was captured on video surveillance in the area of Pedersen’s home,” prosecutors said in a press

Demesha Coleman Tracked Down her Stolen Car and Killed the 2 Thieves

  Demesha said, Fuck this shit, and did the damn thing herself. Demesha Coleman, 35, of Missouri, was arrested on Wednesday, December 21, after killing suspected carjackers. The victims were identified as Joseph Farrar, 49, and Darius Jackson, 19. Another male victim was injured in the shooting and was in a critical state. Coleman’s Hyundai Tucson SUV was stolen, and she had tracked the car to the gas station, where she opened fire at the suspects. Farrar and Jackson were declared D.O.A. The third male victim was rushed to the hospital. Surveillance footage shows Demesha Coleman approaching a Tucson SUV that she believed belonged to her, and opening fire. Police did not immediately confirm who stole the car among the three men who were shot. The incident took place shortly before 10 pm CST. She was accompanied by another male, whose identity has not yet been revealed, both were carrying guns. Demesha Coleman was then seen approaching a Tucson SUV. She opened the front passenger door, w