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Karen Read: Frame Up or Killer Girlfriend?


Back for more news about the women on death row? Lets discuss Karen,

John O’Keefe, a Boston Police Department officer, lived in Canton since 2014 and was raising his niece and nephew. He had been dating Karen Read, an equity analyst and adjunct professor, for two years.

On a snowy night in January 2022, after spending time at local bars, the couple went to Brian Albert's house, a fellow BPD officer and O’Keefe’s neighbor. Later, Read woke up alone at O’Keefe's house and couldn't find him. Panicked, she along with friends started searching for O’Keefe and found his body covered in snow outside Albert’s home. Despite attempts to revive him, he was pronounced dead, showing signs of a violent altercation.

 Read was soon charged with manslaughter, suspected of hitting O’Keefe with her Lexus. The case escalated to second-degree murder charges. However, an alternative theory emerged, suggesting that O’Keefe might have been beaten up at Albert's house and that Read was being framed.

 Controversy and conspiracy theories surrounding the case divided the Canton community, inciting heated debates and social strife. Some residents believed Read was innocent, while others supported the prosecution’s narrative. The case gained further attention when blogger Aidan Kearney published articles proposing theories of corruption and cover-ups involving law enforcement officers.

 Complications arose with various theories, contradicting evidence, and the involvement of numerous people, creating a complex scenario hard to unravel. The prosecution focused on evidence against Read, while her defense pointed to potential framing and misconduct by the police. The case, still pending trial, had significant media attention and public interest, with a Dateline show planned post-verdict.

 Throughout this tumult, the community in Canton remained deeply affected, grappling with the divisive and sensational nature of the case. Despite differing opinions on Read's guilt or innocence, there was a shared sentiment about O’Keefe's character as a respected and selfless individual.


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