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Heavenly Faith Charged with Murder After Alleged Shooting in Failed Bestie Suicide Pact

  Heavenly Faith Garfield, 21, of Utah, finds herself at the center of a harrowing incident that has left one person dead and raised serious questions about mental health and the consequences of desperate actions. Garfield has been charged with murder after allegedly shooting a friend, a 21-year-old victim whose identity remains undisclosed, as part of what authorities describe as an incomplete suicide pact. The tragic event unfolded on Tuesday afternoon when Garfield's father dialed 911 to report a shooting. He recounted that his daughter had shot the victim earlier that day at 10:45 a.m. as part of an agreement the two had made weeks before to end their lives together. According to details revealed in an affidavit of probable cause obtained by KUTV, Garfield had expressed her intention to commit suicide but ultimately confessed to being too frightened to go through with it. This confession was reportedly made via text message to a friend. Will Heavenly Faith spend the rest of he

The Most Beautiful Girls to Ever Kill Their Own Mother

As human beings, we have trouble fathoming the idea of a young girl committing so atrocious a crime as murder. Much less, the murder of her own mother. The concept becomes even more inconceivable when it pertains to a beautiful young woman beautiful young woman with a loving family and the world at her fingertips. These girls aren't all women in prison now. Some have been released and disappeared into the mainstream. Scary, huh?  Nakisha Waddell     At age 14, Nakisha Waddell stabbed her mother, Vaughne Thomas, 43 times in their Virginia home. In court, she said she was tired of the years of fighting and just exploded. Her 15-year-old friend, Annie Belcher, helped her dig a grave in the backyard. The pair poured alcohol and nail polish remover on the dead woman and tried to ignite her to no avail.  They eventually mixed a crude concrete mixture and poured it on top of her and finished by covering her with sticks, leaves, and yard debris. She gives no reason or excuse o

Tomeshia Odom Mississippi Murderess

Little, Hernando, Mississippi hadn’t had a murder in 18 years until 2015 when Tomeshia Odom, 19 stabbed her cousin, Jasmine Smith, 21.  Pregnant Tomeshia stabbed her cousin Jasmine over her baby daddy, also Jasmine's ex. The two girls lived parallel lives, living in the same apartment complex, both working at Wendy’s and dating the same man more than once. It started on Facebook with Tomeshia accusing Jasmine of wanting her man. Jasmine denying it, saying she was dating yet another ex of her cousins, a fellow with the charming moniker “Junky Mane”. Tomeshia is still another one of the women in prison in Mississippi.  She avoided being a woman on death row , but her life is over all the same. Does anyone know what happened to the baby?