2019 Killer Affair TV Show on Oxygen Network

2018 - Dan Zupansky Blog Talk Radio Interview about Taking Tori book.

2017- For my Man episode on TVOne about Eileen Huber.

2015- Snapped episode on Michelle Byrom.

2014 - Interviewed by Fiona Quinn on inmate liaison work for her crime writers blog ThrillWriting.

2012- Interviewed by Joy Krause and Jmac Productions for their documentary on prison relationships.

2012- Interviewed by Erica Diamond for an article called My Friends on Death Row for the Women on the Fence blog.

2011- Interviewed by Vice Magazine at the attempted execution of Hank Skinner in Texas for their documentary about women who fall in love with death row inmates.


  1. Your blog has it absolutely right on the case against my daughter Darlie Routier. Not only is she innocent but also a victim of this crime like the rest of the family. The state of Texas doesn't like to admit they are wrong so they continue to hurt the victims and allow the murderer of Devon and Damon Routier to be free to kill again. Shame on Texas. Stealing our lives and twisting the truth into lies. Their day will come and we will fight and expose the truth. Our system in Texas is based on overzealous prosecutors and inept police departments. They are the ones who should be in prison.

    1. Thanks very much. I have believed in DArlie from the very beginning. Things just didn't add up for me.

    2. Me too. She just had too many injuries to have done it to herself. EVERY ONE HAS SEEN THEM YET NO ONE WILL ADMIT THEY WERE WRONG

  2. Kelly, genuine question: is there anyone on DR, or serving life, you believe is actually guilty?

    1. Yes. I believe most are guilty but there are some who I truly believe are not. Debra Milke was one. I dont do this because I think everyone is innocent. I do it because the death penalty makes no sense. It is my hope that the people serving life and death sentences can change their lives and in the process change the people they are sending back out on the street. Thanks for asking. People rarely do.


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