Judy Neelley Gets a Parole Hearing

I cannot understand why people are so up in arms about Judith A Neelley getting a parole hearing. She will never, ever be paroled. I spoke to Judy through letters and phone calls from 2000 until roughly 2007 when she dropped off the map. She told me of the horrors of abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband Alvin and claimed that he forced her into the acts she is charged with. Some witnesses to her crimes claimed she seemed to enjoy it. A few years back I contacted the police who are still alive that were involved to ask a few questions. Those here in Tennessee were mostly only privy to the bad check writing and petty crimes.. Judy started out life right around the corner from me in Murfreesboro, TN. That is the fact that started our friendship. She lived on Factory Road in Kittrell, a small suburb outside Murfreesboro. I have been up and down that road many times wondering how such a mess could spawn from that peaceful country road. One of the children she had with Alvin contacted me some years back and wanted to know an update on her. I haven't heard from him since.

A parole hearing for a woman who helped brutally rape, torture, and murder two girls in 1982 is scheduled fon Tuesday, but the Alabama governor, along with families of the victims and supporters who vividly remember the crimes, are pushing for her to stay behind bars indefinitely.
Al.com reports that Judith Ann Neelley, 18 at the time, along with her then-husband, Alvin Howard Neelley, Jr.,  then 29, held the victims agains their will for numerous days and took turns raping and molesting them, before killing them. 
On September 25, 1982, the couple kidnapped their first victim, 13-year-old Lisa Ann Millican, of Cedartown, from a mall in Rome, Georgia. The pair of convicts took the little girl to a hotel in Scottsboro, Alabama, where they both raped her repeatedly. According to court documents, the couple had two children of their own, who were present at the time their parents tortured the young girl.
Several weeks later, Judith Neelley attempted to kill Lisa Ann by injecting Drano into her neck with a syringe, followed by Liquid Plumber in the other side of her neck. When Lisa Ann didn’t die, Judith shot her in the back with a gun, then tossed the little girl’s lifeless body off of a cliff at the Little River Canyon in Fort Payne, Alabama.

Alvin and Judith Ann Neelley during the height of their crime spree [Feature Photo: Police Handout]
On October 4, 1982, the convicts spotted a young couple, John Hancock, then 26, and Janice Chapman, 23, in Rome. They invited the victims to a party but after the couple agreed and followed them, the felonious couple lured the unsuspecting victims into the woods, where they shot John and left him for dead, then abducted Janice. The Neelleys brought Janice back their hotel room where they raped and tortured her repeatedly before murdering her. John survived the incident and is one of the many people currently protesting Judiths’s parole hearing.

Police caught up with the couple in October 1982 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, after they were busted for writing bad checks. While in custody, investigators pieced evidence together that linked the couple to the murders.

Alvin eventually took a plea deal and was given life in prison for the murder of Janice Chapman. He was never convicted for the murder, rape, and torture of Lisa Millican.



Audreanna Zimmerman

Recently a woman left a crappy review on the Woman Condemned Facebook page claiming I lied about her sisters death. Okay. First, why in the hell would I do that? Do I look like I'm in some sort of illuminati bullshit conspiracy group? Naw, I just report the information I find online, in newspapers, and in police reports. That's it folks.

So, the case she is referencing is that of her sister Audreanna Zimmerman.
And here, dear readers, is where I got my information in the case (which I occasionally update):

North Escambia website
True Crime Report
Corrections Magazine
The News Gazette

By the way, Britnee Miller has been resentenced:


Petra Reese Update

Karen Lee LaForge and her murderer.

Petra Reese is a case I am often asked for updates. It is also one of the most often read posts. People check on Petra a lot. She has her supporters and those who knew her but are critical. They are some Internet savvy people. 

I couldn't find a lot on her. Google News returns stories over a year old.  I contacted a news reporter native to the area, Becca Godwin of the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She was very polite and helpful, directing me to a government site to view the most recent appearances of Georgia inmates.

It was there I saw Petra had her final plea on May 11th. I am assuming she plead not guilty, but I haven't found any reports on it anywhere. She will have trial on:

07/30/2018 TRIAL  (9:30 AM) (Judicial Officer BARWICK, JANE)
07/26/2018 Reset by Court to 07/30/2018

If you have any info, shoot me an email or check out the Facebook Page or Twitter feed. 

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