True Crime Blog Tour- R. Barri Flowers

R. Barri Flowers is appearing in the True Crime Blog Tour begining July 23rd.

Mr. Flowers has a new book coming out during the opening week of the blog tour and we will get to hear the scoop on it.
Check here on July 23rd to hear from R. Barri Flowers about his  book Female Crime, Criminals and Cellmates as well as his newest work. 

I enjoy Mr. Flowers works because to me they seem to speak on a level everyone can comprehend and yet he is detailing very technical criminology viewpoints. His background and credentials allow me a certain feeling of trust in his works. 

Check out his blog for the rest of his schedule.


True Crime Blog Tour

I am very pleased to announce a True Crime Blog Tour sponsored by The Woman Condemned.

I have some of America's most exciting true crime authors and bloggers lined up to participate in a true crime blog tour during the month of July. We get a chance to see into the minds ( and work load) of the participants through guest posts and interviews.

Have your read Dane Batty's Wanted: Gentleman Bank Robber?
I reviewed this book in 2010 and was in awe. I don't think I have ever read a book where we got the actual thoughts and first person accounts from the criminal him self. Dane is also working on a new book we will be getting the low down on!

You will be able to catch Dane on the blog tour here, on his blog and on the other participants blogs throughout the tour.

Check back every day for more updates on Dane and other participants.


Missouri Executed Woman- Bonnie Brown Heady

Bonnie Brown Heady. Wow. Where to begin?
She was a short, fat prostitute with short auburn hair and a bubbly, engaging personality. She was attractive despite her weight and 5’1 height and was often complimented on her shapely legs.

Her common law husband, Carl Austin Hall was the love of her life and she worried and fussed over him until the day they were executed side by side in Missouri’s gas chamber.

She and Carl kidnapped and murdered young Bobby Greanlease from his Catholic school for a ransom. Carl had been dreaming of the crime for years before he’d met Bonnie. In his heart he felt it was the one last crime he would have to pull and he’d be set for life. He had thought about it for so long in fact, he was sure the plan was foolproof.

Once he and Bonnie moved in together he enlisted her help. She posed as the boy’s aunt and told the nuns Bobby’s mother was ill and she had been sent to retrieve him. He was released to her with no trouble from six year old Bobby or the nuns.

She took him straight to Carl and the three of them went deep into the countryside. On a side road Bonnie and Carl got out. Bonnie walked along the roadside while Carl spread a blue plastic sheet in the trunk and set about killing Bobby.

He tried first to strangle him with a length of clothesline but it was too short. Instead, he shot him twice in the face.

They buried the body and spent a few weeks drunk travelling from state to state. When they were finally arrested Carl expressed some remorse and talked of how badly alcohol had affected his life. Bonnie showed no remorse and remained her jovial, comical self.

They were executed in two chairs side by side in the gas chamber. Bonnie and Carl were alone in the death chamber moments before their deaths. No one knows what was said but Carl died with Bonnie’s lipstick on his cheek.


Virginia Christian First Woman Executed in Virginia

The first woman executed in the commonwealth of Virginia was a woman named Virginia Christian in 1912. She was also a child. She was also the only female juvenile executed by electric chair and, to date, the last female executed in the electric chair by the Commonwealth of Virginia until Virginia Lewis a few years ago. The records say she confessed to the murder of her employer, Mrs. Ida Virginia Belote.
  Belote frequently mistreated Christian, and in mid- March 1912, an argument ensued between the two in which Belote accused Christian of stealing a locket and a skirt. Belote hit Christian with a cuspidor, commonly called a 'spittoon'. The altercation escalated when Christian and Belote ran for two broom handles Belote used to prop up her bedroom windows. Christian grabbed one of the broom handles and struck Belote on the forehead. In an attempt to stifle Belote’s screams, Christian stuffed a towel down Belote’s throat, and the woman died by suffocation. When Christian left the house, she stole Belote’s purse with some money and a ring. One newspaper reported that police found Belote’s body “laying face down in a pool of blood, and her head was horribly mutilated and a towel was stuffed into her mouth and throat”. (Streib & Sametz, 1989, p. 25; see also Moten, 1997)

From Wikipedia:

Police soon arrested Christian, and during questioning she admitted to hitting Belote but was shocked that Belote was dead. Christian claimed she had no intent to kill Belote. With a lynch mob looming in the background, an Elizabeth City County Court tried and convicted Christian for murder and the trial judge sentenced her to death in the state’s electric chair. One day after her 17th birthday in August 1912, a short five months after the crime, Virginia authorities executed Christian at the state penitentiary in Richmond.[4]
Governor William Hodges Mann declined to commute the death sentence, despite a plea from Virginia's mother, Charlotte Christian,[3] who wrote to him:

My dear mr governor
Please for give me for Bowing low to write you a few lines: I am the mother of Virginiany Christian. I have been pairalized for mor then three years and I could not and Look after Gennie as I wants too. I know she dun an awful weaked thing when she kill Miss Belote and I hear that the people at the penetintry wants to kill her but I is praying night and day on my knees to God that he will soften your heart so that She may spend the rest of her days in prison. they say that the whole thing is in yours Hands and I know Governer if you will onely save my child who is little over sixteen years old God will Bless you for ever … If I was able to come to see you I could splain things to you better but I cant do nothing but pray to God and ask him to help you to simpithise with me and my truble
I am your most umble subgeck,
Charlotte Christian.

Christian was electrocuted in the state prison in Richmond. She was 17 years old. The paper reported that her body was to be turned over to the state medical school, because her parents did not have the money to transport the body from Richmond.


Shonda Johnson - Alabama

Shonda is in Alabama. I hear from her quite often and she is one of my favorite people.
She is convicted of murdering her husband. While Shonda could be described as flirtatious and man hungry that hardly makes her a murderess, nor an accomplice.
Her man troubles continue to haunt her even while locked away. A few years back she had a pen pal relationship with this turd named Quinn.
They wrote for years and he was constantly professing his love. He had issues tho and even so, Shonda cared for him and promised nothing would come between them. Quinn is no prize but she did care for him despite the fact that he was over 40 and still living with his parents and trying to finish college.
He has sexual problems as well, telling Shonda that he doesn't know if he's gay or straight or even if hes interested in sex at all. Also he felt that he should continue college indefinitely because he wasn't ready for a job. She finally gave up and last I heard Quinn had decided to visit his new found biological for several months.
Shondas luck in men has not improved. There has been a new guy for the last few years. We will call him F from France. Quinn and F have been reading from the same book.
F has his own set of odd sexual issues hes tried to unload on Shonda. He promised her the world and a handful of rainbows but recently told Shonda he found a new love and needed her more. Shonda is wondering what happened to the sexual issues he had but the world shall never know.
The one good difference between Quinn and the French F is that F still sends her commissary money and food boxes- or so he told me.
The last letter I got from Shonda was mid May where she told me all of F's latest drama and asked me to write this post. Her concern is that these types of men will continue to write to other death row women with promises, stick around a while and then dash her hopes and dreams just like they did to Shonda. I can only hope that will not happen.