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Gabrielle Marie Brantley Murdered Her Pregnant Rival

A heartbroken Detroit family is expected to say goodbye Saturday to their "beautiful spirit with a bright future," who was gunned down just a day before she was set to tell her family she was pregnant. KaBria Arnold was an aspiring nurse with a love for sports and was expecting her first child. The 20-year-old let one of her three sisters know her pregnancy secret and was supposed to tell the rest of the family on Nov. 11. On Nov. 10, KaBria Arnold was found shot to death on the corner of Pilgrim and Bentler Streets -- less than two miles from her family's Rosedale Park home. A week after KaBria Arnold's death, the Detroit Police Department arrested Gabrielle Marie Brantley and a 28-year-old man in connection to the crime. The man's name has not been released publicly, and he's not been formally charged with a crime. "KaBria Arnold was a genuinely loving, bubbly, giving, beautiful spirit with a bright future ahead of her," wrote Qiana Arnold,

Melissa Galey Murdered Her Own Mom and Daughter

Where to begin with Melissa's twisted tale? It's hard to say. She has pleaded guilty to two counts of capital murder for the Nov. 21, 2018, deaths of her mother, Wanda Self, and her daughter, Megan Galey, at their residence at 2208 Lakeshore Drive in Hot Springs, Arkansas. If this case had gone to trial, prosecutors planned to seek the death penalty. Since it did not,  Galey was sentenced to life in prison on each count, to run concurrently.  Also, the victim's family members were not willing to go through the process of a death penalty trial. On Nov. 21, 2018, police arrived at the Lakeshore Drive residence and saw Galey's daughter in the doorway of the home, "nude and covered in blood," with stab and puncture wounds. There were char marks in the area as if it had been set on fire and a tack hammer and claw hammer were found. Officers found Wanda Self inside a rear bedroom on her back covered in blood with multiple stabs and puncture wounds. A knife was on

Jessica Lynn Morris Stabbed her Dealer to Death

Jessica and her fiance Raymond Donald Blanchong II decided they wanted to murder together. Like Bonnie and Clyde or maybe Mickey and Mallory, the couple didn't really have a blood lust, but more like a deadly dedication to their addiction. They were both fully prepared to go through whatever hell presented itself together to get their drugs. Whatever that hell was was irrelevant. Just as long as they got their drugs. With this mindest and little else, Jessica and Ray set out to meet up with their drug dealer on December 2nd, 2018 in Riga Township, Ohio. They had no money but intended to score in whatever way necessary. Upon meeting, the defendants brutally assaulted James Wappner, according to court testimony. He still was alive after the assault but was locked in the defendants’ car. Security camera footage captured the victim entering the defendant's pickup, shortly before the vehicle began to shake violently and abruptly leave the parking lot with him still inside. W

Natasha Cornett

Shawna Forde Vigilante Border Patrol Killer

Shawna has been condemned for the murder of an American family she believed were Mexican immigrants. She claims she has been framed. I have received two emails from someone claiming to represent Shawna demanding I take all info about her down (there is very little. No one is interested in her). They say that this request is at Shawna's behest because she never wrote to me or gave me permission to use her info. This is patently untrue.

Police Say Jordyn Jones Killed her BFF Because of a Sexual Situation

BREAKING NEWS! This case is just getting started and all the motives are not out, so we can only assume why Jordyn Jones killed her best friend, 21-year-old, Alexis Crawford. Alexis went missing from her off-campus home at Clark Atlanta University on October 30th. Her family never heard from her again and by the next day police were called and there was an active missing person's report on her. When police questioned roommate Jordyn Jones, she said she last saw Alexis around midnight when she went to bed. She had taken her to the liquor store earlier, where the surveillance camera shots of her last moments on earth were taken. She wasn't there when Jordyn awoke the next morning, but her car keys and phone charger were. The door was dead-bolted from the inside. Jordyn and Alexis were friends, or so the Crawford family thought. Alexis had been to their home on Thanksgiving and Easter. She interacted with Crawford's siblings and parents. They did not expect her

Crime videos

Since I have put the email contact button back up, I've been getting lots of emails. While I try to answer everyone individually or on the Facebook group, sometimes its easier to respond here. Many readers have been asking for more video updates of the letters. Those videos are just shot with my phone on a sunny window but they take some planning and time out of my day, so I want to make sure that the majority of ya'll are interested. If you could comment yay or nay here or use the contact form on the right and let me know I'd be forever in your debt. Oh yeah, it helps more than you think to share posts here on social media, like and subscribe on Youtube, or even become a Patreon for $1.99 a month. Thanks very much for reading and all the emails.
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Borowski’s Gacy Film Poster CHICAGO, IL – October 30, 2019 (Waterfront Productions) – Chicago native filmmaker, John Borowski, (H.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer) has just released the poster art for his next feature documentary film titled The John Wayne Gacy Murders: Life and Death in Chicago. “Artist Claudio Bergamin vastly exceeded my expectations for the artwork. My jaw dropped at each step of the process as Claudio unveiled his designs for the poster to me.” Borowski stated. When attending a recent Horror Hound Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, Borowski met Bergamin and felt his style would fit perfectly for the Gacy film poster. “I always appreciated classic movie poster artwork and Claudio’s work reminded me of the beautiful classic film posters created by artists.” Borowski stated. An online fundraiser is currently running throughout the duration of the production of the film and has successfully met each month’s goal so far: gofundme