I get many, many emails each year asking if I know Cynthia Coffman.There was a book written about her called Property of the Folsom Wolf and it was actually pretty accurate from what she has told me.

We corresponded back and forth throught 2004 until 2006. We talked about the TV show Big Brother and I always got a kick out of her because she would root for the assholes. You know, the biggest dicks on the show that really made you want to slap the crap outta them.

She told me once that a job at Coyote Ugly would be just her thing and a few stories of life on the road with Greg Marlow. He had her by the balls so to speak. Abuse doesnt even cover the life she was living and to think of leaving meant to sacrifice her entire family to this man. He would kill them all if she left. He has told me this himself back in 2006 when I wrote him after Cindy pissed me off.
 Cindy and I stopped talking in 2006 when she got upset that Id posted a picture shed given me online. It didnt matter to her that I am a prison activist. That I am an inmate mentor. That I give a shit.

She had her attorneys send me a letter and I havent not written her since. I was and am pissed. Regardless of the fact that she is a accomplise in several murder, torture, rape situations I reached my hand out to her for support and she slapped it away.

So, I leave her to wallow in her misery.


Giving back to inmates is my thing. If we make even one segment of our society feel inhuman or encourage each other to lose humanity for any portion of the human race it opens the doors for so much more. My contribution to death row women is small but it is my mission.

Giveback.org just helped to make my mission that much easier. I truly believe that more or better community outreach to troubled women would drastically reduce the amount of women who commit felonies. Giveback.org helps me donate to the charities that are inline with my mission. They are so determined to help me in what means most to me they donate $5.00 to each new account.

I LOVE it. I entered my interests and they showed me several chrities doing what I want them to for who I want them too. I am able to donate money, raise money or even shop for the charitiei choose! If you shop through their site a portion of what you spend is donated to your foundation. I gave my five bucks right back to the community and I feel like I just gave myself a Christmas present!


I don't write men. As a rule they have always been much more evasive and agenda prone than women. However, I was researching a few months ago and came across a victims family statement from a fellow in Alaska, Joshua Alan Wade, who had murdered two women.

The more I read into his case the more interested I got. He has been labeled the most notorious killer Alaska has ever seen (although there has been much news lately about a ex-stripper who most likely killed one of her boyfriends.)

His statement made an impact on me because it seemed so heartfelt. I started looking further into his crime and learned about how he has been on his own since he was a young teen, fending for himself in the murderous temperatures of Alaska.

I wrote to him and he did write back. He seems very open and honest, discussing some of his criminal activity and expressing remorse. He was given a 99 year sentence to escape the death penalty and required to admit guilt to a crime he had been previously found not guilty for.

Looking at his early court appearances he will definitely give you the creeps. His eyes and his face are so full of rage and fury but little snippets of sorrow and regret sneak through. He seems deathly afraid of letting anyone know he has a heart.

During his sentencing hearing the judge called him a coward for preying on women. He immediately exploded and told the judge to "watch it man" and spurted out "what about the men I've killed?". Later Alaskan TV station 11 conducted an interview with him where he was asked what he meant by that. He didn't admit to more murders but instead said, "I think everyone knows Ive done some pretty heinous crap out there." The last statement in that interview was the question of if he was afraid to die. He said he didn't want to but wasn't afraid to.

I'm not really sure what interests me in this case so much. There are most definitely worse killers but his mixture of true remorse and unmitigated fury is fascinating.