LaToni Daniel is Facing Death for Being the Get away Driver. But is there more?

 This week we will check out the case of LaToni Daniel. She was an Army National Guard soldier but looks like her discharge was the only honorable thing she ever did. 

From my research so far, she was looking for trouble and found some. Her and her long-time boyfriend LaDaniel Tuck ( a known gang affiliate and local troublemaker), robbed a man on the side of the road and shot him. 

Both of them say that Latoni was just the getaway driver and didn't even know what LaDaniel was planning to do. But if you take a look at his Facebook page, there is still a lot of evidence that they were out for no-good 90% of the time. 

So, here's where it gets weird. After she gets arrested for this murder and is awaiting trial, she comes up pregnant. Not only that but she claims to have no memory of having sex. 

Ill be uploading the video this weekend so get ready for the crazy. 

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