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Cough Syrup Made me Kill Her

 Honestly. Can you believe this crap? Elizabeth McKeown was running late to make her car payment when the lady in front of her, Barbra Foster, was driving too slow. They were approaching a red light when Elizabeth rammed her car into the rear end of Barbra's.  When Barbra got out to survey the damage, Elizabeth RAN HER OVER. When she tried to drive away, the surrounding cars, including an Uber driver who caught it all on camera, trapped her with their vehicles until police arrived.  Police arrived and took her to jail. During her trial, her lawyer claimed she was accidentally messed up on cough syrup and had a drug-induced psychosis. OK. The judge didn't fall for it, however. SHe received a life sentence with no chance at parole ever, ever, ever.  I guess they repoed her car.