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Mother accused of murdering twin daughters with samurai sword makes first court appearance

  Mother accused of murdering twin daughters with samurai sword makes first court appearance The death penalty is on the table for this woman. She almost decapitated one three year old twin and severely sliced up the other. They she stacked them against the door, set the apartment on fire and cut her throat. A neighbor came in a sliding glass door and found the sword in the hallway along with a bottle of pills. This article has an eerie picture of her sitting in court staring straight into the camera.
I have always been fascinated with killers, murderers and evil people. Some people believe those of us who have this fascination have had traumatic events in our childhood. While I wont dispute that theory all together I will say that it isn't the whole truth. There are other factors. These are man-made monsters not a mishap of nature.  If your familiar with me and my work you know that I concentrate on women who kill. I wont say I hold this fascination ONLY because of traumatic events in my childhood but I do know that it plays a large part in it. I watched my mother go through my childhood badly beaten and in and out of hospitals and homeless shelters running from my abusive father. She would always return to him. i saw this as weak and pathetic as a kid and teen but i also sensed her great strength. I don't know why she returned after each beating but i know that if anyone had reason to snap and kill someone she did. Though she never did i always half expected it. Waited

State Goes Overseas For Lethal Injection Drug : NPR

  State Goes Overseas For Lethal Injection Drug : NPR More news on Arizona buying their execution drug from Great Britain. They finally coughed up the truth and admitted to buying it overseas. This is just ridiculous folks. Maybe we should look at it as a sign from a higher power. The drugs we use to kill people who kill people are not available in the country. Executions have been on hold all over the country because of this shortage. Please, somebody with some brains say something.
Secretly trafficking and then openly using unapproved drugs is now A-OK. That’s the message sent out yesterday by the Arizona Supreme Court, which allowed state officials to conceal their source for sodium thiopental (we know only that it’s NOT Hospira, the one FDA-approved supplier), and to continue with plans to execute Jeffrey Landrigan on October 26. Normally, if you acquired a controlled substance from a non-FDA approved source and announced your intention to use it for a non-FDA approved purpose, you would expect some sort of legal trouble. But, apparently, as long as that non-FDA approved purpose is putting someone to death, the normal rules don’t apply. Instead, you get to keep the source of your drug supply a secret, and you get to use those drugs however you want. As for Jeffrey Landrigan, some DNA testing litigation in his case continues, and there is a clemency hearing on Friday. Landrigan’s case is sadly typical, in that his trial lawyer failed miserably to present mi
Letter from Tiffany Cole today. She was much excited about a recent visit from her mom, little brother and her grandparents who she hadnt seen in some years. She was also able to visit with her mom an extra day, which is a rare occurance. The most interesting part of the letter was her mention of a new woman coming to the row in Florida. Im assuming she is talking about Ana Cordona who has been on Floridas death row before. Tiffany laments on how being the only one on FL death row as a woman has affected her: Its kind of bittersweet. I dont wish this on anyone but at least I wont be "the only one" anymore. My name seems to pop up everywhere because Im the "only one". Like when that woman in Virginia was executed my name was brought up. Im sure if there were to 2 or 3 more here with me i wouldnt be so singled out.
Wanted: Gentleman Bank Robber Dane Batty Here is a tale of action, adventure and romance. It is real. The characters are still living and this story has yet to end. Bank robberies, car theft rings and millions of dollars into a life straight out of MGM. Les Rogge tells us how it started, why it kept going and how it ended. We hear first hand tales of sailing away to the Bahamas and weeks on deserted beaches with only the sea and pot loads of money between him. Its worth the read if your a true crime fan but if your looking for a polished novel with a 007 plot line this is not it. It is a charming tale and the fact that it is told from a family point of view makes it irresistible and almost impossible to put down. You learn how it feels to be a relative of a full tilt bank robber. Its told from Les Rogges words with occasional side notes from the author, Rogges nephew, Dane Batty, along with occasional remarks from a family standpoint. There are several photos as well. For y
From Robin Lee Rowe on the murders of her children: "I know most of you think everyone on death row claims to be innocent. In my case, it's true! . . . I couldn't leave behind the legacy that if I died everyone would think the children's mother killed them. "I wanted to die when I heard my children were dead. The pain I felt was excruciating. It was as if my heart had been ripped out of my chest and stomped on, tearing it to shreds. . . At first memories would come rushing back through my mind and they were so hard to handle. A commercial would remind me of my son or I'd hear a song that was my daughter's favorite. All over I'd see them or think of them. The agony was unbearable. . . "I'm tired. Emotionally drained. I'm lonely. Living in isolation is a hard thing. I wanted out and saw execution as a way out." Robin Lee Row #40171 PWCC Housing Unit 4 PO Box 6049 Pocatello, Idaho 83205
This is Randy Wood, his mom and his brother. His letter today was light hearted. I was worried about him. He was so unnecessarily worried about some drivel on a message board about him. I was informed by his wife about the site and when I looked at it I was sorry he even knew about it. It was all so stupid it barely made sense. He had spoke before about being in prison for 10 years and that in November he would be recognized for this and able to receive priveldges but nothing was mentioned in this letter. I worry a lot about this guy. If the Texas justice system can treat him this way then anything can happen. I believe that he and Darlie Routier have been raped by Texas in the worst ways possible.
To submit a true crime book for review and/or give away email All books submitted will be reviewed within one month, tweeted a minumum of 5 times during the month, Amazon review posted and 5 Facebook posts.
First time author Dane batty has generously offered a copy of his book : Wanted: Gentleman Bank Robber for give away. The book details the life and crimes of his uncle, Les Rogge, who made millions in bank robberies and car thefts travelling the world with his wife Judy. His criminal endeavors seem to fall in his lap and he takes great care to remain as decent a person as possible while executing them. A sparkling wit and generous, genuine personality make it possible for his victims to feel sympathy and admiration for him, hence the years of living on the lam unhindered. The tale is told by Les himself with intermittent splices of insite by his nephew Dane. It is a true crime tale not often told as criminals rarely pen their own stories. You get a first hand look at how a life of crime starts and ends- straight from the horses mouth, For your chance at a free copy of the book get your entries in now: Comments on any new post from today until October 13 will count as one
Lend Your Voice to the Silenced Inmates are veritable mutes. They can talk but it is like the dead speaking. Only those who know how to listen can hear them. It doesn't matter who you were before, or how much money you had, or whose parties you went to or if you won a Nobel prize- you are now a member of the sole society to start everyone at the very bottom rung of the societal ladder. Incarceration erases your past present and future. You are simply a nonentity to the world. If you were innocent or at the wrong place at the wrong time or between a rock and a hard place, your still shit outtaluck. No one hears you. Curiously, so many of these inmates still have thoughts and ideas that are relevant, helpful, useful even. Yet still we continue to push them behind a steel door and disregard their existence. Get involved with some of the cases you read about here. The more you look, the more humanity you will see. These women are not just a thirty minute episode of Snapped . T
Death Penalty Rant By: Hank Bohannon Religious people claim that the Bible is the answer book to all of life’s questions, but I think history is a better teacher. If we use history as an example, and if we use history as a guide, there is no compelling argument to advocate any form of capital punishment. Discussing capital punishment is a topic that involves many different aspects, including socio-economic issues as well as race relations, thus such an article can be quite exhaustive, so clearly I am not able to discuss every detail concerning the issue. I only want to discuss a few of the major components. Some claim that we should still use the Bible’s rule of an eye for an eye. Back in the days when there were no methods of gathering fingerprints, or gathering DNA or gathering blood samples, such a rule seemed necessary to mete out some form of justice. But with such technological advancements, using such a rationale seems highly unsophisticated and determined to not pursue the
The Controversial Death Penalty By: Triston Huntsmin There are few topics as controversial among the American government and general population as the death penalty. Few topics spark such heated debates and few issues have people so clearly on one side of the argument or the other. The death penalty is definitely famous for having thinkers on both sides of the fence with few people riding the gray area in the middle. Many Americans are for the death penalty. In essence they believe that there are certain crimes so heinous that the criminals deserve nothing but death. People who choose to take the life of another through murder, for example, are criminals for whom the death penalty should be in effect. A drug dealer whose dealing leads to the death of people could also be considered a prime criminal to undergo the death penalty. Americans that are pro-death penalty believe that those who take the life of another should not be able to keep their own lives. There are, of course, exce