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Greetings from the Big House! That is how Angela Johnson’s most recent letter began. The Big House, up the river and The last Mile were all coined at Sing Sing prison in New York. While Angela is far from Sing Sing she is still an anomaly. She is the first (since 1953) and one of only two women who are FEDERAL death row inmates. I have been writing to her for about 4 years but she and I have a sporadic relationship. She is anomaly also because she is the only woman who I write who is constantly upbeat, constantly cracking jokes and constantly striving to make her situation easier for other people. Her crime was involvement in the deaths of 5 people and impeding a meth investigation in Iowa which has no death sentence. (14 other states also do not have a capital punishment law). She has not spoken to me about her case but I am critical of her involvement. Even the presiding judge stated "I am troubled by the lack of certainty in the record concerning the precise involvement