Ive started writing to a man in prison, which is unusual for me.
He isnt on the row but serving life.
His story touched me so deeply I thought of him for several days before deciding to send him a copy of the girls newsletter.

His name is Randy Wood.
I saw his story on an A&E American Justice titled Murder at Homecoming.
He and a few buddies were drinking in a camper trailer when one of the girls from school showed up. She got drunk right alon with them and although she was an ex girlfriend of Randy's ended up sleeping with one of the other fellas.
After pasing out, the third fella goes in to see her and he also has sex with her.
She wakes up sometime later and his hysterical. Saying that she was raped by the third fella who was a shady type.
The two that had sex with her take her to a bridge and blow her head off and throw her over the bridge.
Randy was along for the ride, threatened and scared and in over his head.

When all three were arrested he refused a plea bargain to make sure that his story was taken for the truth that it was. He told how the evening unfolded and how the events took place.

This high school kid refused a plea bargain, took nothing in exchange for telling the truth and will now spend his life behind bars.

It breaks my heart. I shudder to think what anyone of us would do if confronted with a shotgun in our face. Especially at that young age.

He has been in a Texas prison ten years in November.

We've been writing for several months now. He's very sweet and appreciative of everything I do. Even the girls family doesnt blame him and thinks his sentence was to harsh. The mother has tesitifed in his behalf.
He has led an exemplary prison life while the other two have had escape attempts and other mishaps.

This guy just breaks my heart.


  1. Kelly, you have one of the biggest hearts on the planet! Bless you for caring SO much cause these people really need someone like you.
    Poor kid. I'm glad you found him.

  2. Hey girl...This is Sara Wood, Randy's wife. I think it's great that people still feel for him and are on his side! We need all of the support that we can get! Recently the families of the other 2 boys have been around causing a LOT of grief...this is a nice change!! My email is angelravah@aol.com. Feel free to drop me a line anytime!!


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