OK- HUGE decision on my part here-
I am constantly getting well meaning (if a bit testy) emails from people who come here to read information on my work with the death row women. They are mildly confused by my rantings on my kids and life in general. Usually my attitude would be "deal with it"
But a publisher friend of mine has suggested that it is actually better to separate the two.
I have often see people signature lines with two or three blog links in it and I always think- why would anyone need more than one blog? That is a sign of a person with to much time on their hands.
And now I am one of those people.
At any rate- This blog will be entirely dedicated to the death row women and related topics.
My family, life, kids and the rest of me will now reside here-


Please come and visit. Leave a comment. I'm lonely over there.


  1. Oh I love this, Kelly!!! The background is so catching and, although I was never confused, I like that you are separating them.
    I feel I've gotten stuck into a one themed mommyblog and I see so many other things i'd like to write about. I just know no one would want to read another one! LOL!
    Good luck!

  2. Peg no way. I love your style of writin- Id read another!


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