I received word from a mutal friend that Chelsea Richardson wanted me to contact her again. I had previously quit writing to her after the troubles I had with Michelle Tharp.
A strange jealous stalker/hacker had ingraciated himself into Michelles life and every time someone disagreed with him or doubted his "authority" he would threaten to fill Michelles head with as much drivel as possible about that person. Unfortunetly Michelle is very paranoid and frightful and believed it. This stalker/hacker is also a friend of Chelseas and when he hacked my forums to pieces at www.womenofdeathrow.com/forum I just didnt have the time or inclination to play the games he thrives on.
I wish there was something I could do about him. He preys on the women on the row who are weak minded or young and impressionable. Usually someone that has limited support. He throws a few dollars at them and then I hear from them about their crushes on him. I dreadfully certain he has some wierd fetish of women incarcerated.
At any rate, Im happy to hear from her and have written her today.
I also got a letter from Antoinette Franks brother Adam again. He told me some about representing himself and having to write his own briefs. I dont know what he is convicted of but he is in Angola prison which houses some serious offenders.

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