I had no idea when I began to write about my thoughts on Paul Bernardo that it would cause such a stir. But I have recieved so much feedback I am surprised. Ive had several letters and phone calls about what a monster he is.

I know this guys. Really I do. But the thing is, and I dont know why it is, but I feel that he is not really that person deep inside. If he hadnt of lived the childhood that he did and if he could get someone who is qualified to help him. I feel that he is so sick that something serious has to be wrong. He has a need for therapy and medicine.

If this happens, maybe he will not be the same person but the one he was supposed to be- the one he really is.

I focus most of my work on wo men because I am a woman. I have lived a hard life. I saw some of the most horrific sights that a child can see and when I was a teenager I acted out in massive ways. I've been to jail, Ive done drugs, Ive seen people stabbed and shot. I can honestly say that had I had a different childhood I would have been a different teen and young woman. How could I not have? If that works for me doesnt it work for everyone?

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