I was disappointed yesterday. No mail. I have been expecting a return letter from Judy Neeley anytime now. I hope she isnt mad at me or something. You never know. These girls have a tendency to flip on you at the drop of a dime.

Speaking of the ones that flip, Ive contemplated contacting Beth Markman. She initially got mad at me in 2005 when I told her someone from the state of PA had contacted me. It was some lady looking for a support group to donate some money to her. But for some reason Beth didn't like that shed contacted me and flipped out. She calmed down and the flipped again when she asked me what I had found printed on her online. So I found an article and printed it out. She lost her mind and got pissed off at me because Id sent her the article and it had a bunch of other girls info on it as well. That enraged her. She was so mad at me. Suddenly Im getting letters from every chick on death row in Pennsylvania. They all told me how stupid and callous I am. That I have no heart and I just suck.

I never was fully able to understand that issue but that is how I became aware of Michelle Tharp and began to write her. She had cursed me out on Beth's behalf a few times. We argued back and forth on paper about how I thought I had done nothing wrong and she felt like I was a bitch. But she began to ask me or things and I would send them and we slowly became friends. She began to understand that I didnt mean any harm by my mysterious blunder.

Then one fine day this old British pervert starts to frequent my website www.womenofdeathrow.com and the forums there. He ingratiates himself with the whole crew that hangs there and the next thing you know he has Michelle hanging on his every word. He comes to the board and argues with the lawyers and professional there to give us advice. He was so weird. He got pissed when he was removed from the board and wreaked havoc on another of our boards or days. A big yawning bore until he finally disappeared in cyberspace. But he still writes Michelle and Chelsea as well. Which bothers me because this guy has a serious superiority complex.

But this guy gets Michelle out bent out of shape because someone posted a picture of her on the message board- in a private members only section. She flips out and we go at round three. This time though Id had enough. My mother had just died of lung cancer and I was getting DAILY letters from this woman telling me that it was people like me that get girls executed. Im a bitch, Im a callous, heartless hell-bound heifer.

Yeah- fun stuff. So I finally just called the warden. Then I never heard from her again. Est la vie`.

But I though about sending Beth a book.

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