Just when you think it's almost over... the crap hits the cookie cutter.
I was having a pretty good week all things considered. I started my new job, my DH got a raise that we finally started to feel and all the kids came home with glowing report cards. And thats saying a lot when there are SIX kids to make sure homework is done and done right. I also put an end to Nikki. I was forced to put an end to it by my DH. Im still stung by the way she used me for years. I should have paid her off earlier but my pride kept me from it. The whole thing for me was ego, Ill admit it. I go every single day of my life trying to help someone elses life become a little easier place and when I need help its always a friend that kicks you in the gut. It hurt. She gave a whole new meaning to "no good deed goes unpunished". At least now she is using someone else. I dont even like that thought. What will she do now for blog fodder?

So I was pleased. Then I find the lump. OK, ok I know that not all lumps are cancer but I cant help worrying. I couldnt get a doctor to see me until Friday so Im scared literally to pieces. I think of it every minute of every day. I dont want to leave my kids. My mother died not quite two years ago of lung cancer and I miss her so much I cant imagine how it would be for them.

Then to put the icing on the cake- my dad lost his eff'ing mind today. I live in the house that my mother left for me in her will. The catch is that my dad has the right to live in it until he dies. He asked us to move in and then he took off to travel for a while. My dad is an addict. He is addicted to pills of some type, I dont know which. All I know is that he takes them until he passes out in the middle of a sentence.

So- he shows up today and starts yelling and screaming at me about how I have to move because my kids wont keep the bicycles out of the yard. It got pretty nasty with the name calling (him calling me trashy for having a messy yard and me telling him I wasnt moving because I own the house.)

Long story short- he left claiming that he was coming back to burn the house down. So far I dont smell smoke but that doesnt mean anything.


  1. Kelly - first of all, please go to the doctor and get the lump checked. You'll know from reading my blog that I had a similar scare last summer. It turned out to be fibroid cysts. But it is always better to have it looked into.

    I'm sorry to hear about the situation with Nikki, but glad you can put it behind you. It's for the best, I guess.

    As for your dad, that's very sad. My MIL is addicted to painkillers and it just destroys all sense of reality. I don' t think he will follow up on his threat, but I am very sorry that you are dealing with all of this. If you need an ear, I'm here!

  2. Thanks Snow. Youre comments are always considerate. It is extremley hard to deal with an addicted loved one. You are so right about their sense of reality.

    I do believe it will be a cyst. I hope so.

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