Do you ever do something just totally random and then get a nice little karmic surprise for your efforts?

For instance:

Early this month I was waiting out a rainy day on the sofa watching some telly. I usually work outside on my front porch and feel stifled if I cant get out. So I grudgingly sat down to eat a sandwich (swamich, as my lovely 5 year old daughter says) and flip through channels. I came across The Amityville Horror, the old 1970's version.

It had been years since I'd seen that movie and I'd always loved it as a kid. As I ate my tomato swamich and watched the movie I suddenly remembered why Id loved it so. Staring at the screen I was reintroduced to my first whiff of puberty by boldly dark and curly Meeno Peluce, who plays the son of the doomed couple.

Rushing back into my head were vague memories (somewhat clouded by paisley polyester and Peter Brady) of a racing heartbeat each time Id catch him in an episode of Silver Spoons or The Incredible Hulk. I was sure my entire family knew what impure thoughts were racing through my head. My Meeno-daydreams included such filthy fantasies as him being transferred to my little Indiana Middle School to escape the pressures of fame and- spying me across a crowded cafeteria- rushed to my side. I could just see his black curls bouncing above the wide collar on his psychedelic, silky shirt. We'd share milk, gaze at each other over the slide projector and he'd walk me to gym while carrying my books and other such wanton junior high debauchery.

I had pictures of him all over my walls and kept a scrapbook each time I caught one of his television appearances.

Sigh... sadly I had to grow up and become an over worked writer eating a tomato sandwich on the sofa and I wondered..."What ever happened to Meeno?"

Wasn't hard to find and he does nothing so bourgeois as eating tomato sandwiches on the sofa watching 70's horror flicks. I googled him and found he has become a photographer and he has most obviously found his true calling. He has shot musicians and celebrities and a whole slew of exotic places but my favorites are of his home and family.

They are so amazingly real and present. Does that make sense?

I've become a reader of his blog and the photos make you feel like your there with him in his gorgeously restored belle of a mansion and his amazing wife and daughters. It's definitely worth a look.

Its so absorbing and entertaining. Like This Old House crossed with Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

I think Meeno and crew should have their own reality show. Id watch it.


  1. that is just too cool! :)

  2. I know, isnt it? Have you looked at his stuff? AMAZING!


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