I have written to Shonda Walter in Pennsylvania. I do not expect an answer and if I do get one I expect it to be some ranting terrible accusatory crapola. But hey- ya gotta try- right?

I expect it to be bad becuase everyone in Pennsylavania hates me. It all stems back to crazy Michelle Tharp and her antics. Anything I try to do for anyone there gets construed into some maniacle paparazzi type thing. It was a big heap of stress rolled off my back when I stopped writing her and I have since heard from two others that have recently quite swapping letters with her.

But- I got a letter from a relative of SHondas who personally asked me to write her. Im hoping that she keeps it to herself and doesnt tell everyone. It can only cause problems.

Here is an interview with Shonda.

Shonda is convicted of chopping to death James Sementelli, an 83 year old WWII vet) with a 10-inch hatchet 66 times. It was said in trial that she stabbed him several times and told him to "just die". She even took a break and smoked a cigarette as he lay, still alvie, begging for his life. Parts of his anatomy were exposed and as he held himself together he asked her why she did it. "Because I can" was her alleged answer.
Afterward she stold his car and over $500 in quarters.

I dont know her side yet.
It is said that Shonda was trying to enter a gang with this type of behavior.

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