Many of my readers are not concerned with the death penalty at all, rather they are true crime buffs, crime watchers or, like the viewers of Snapped, just interested in women in crime. I am all of these things, hence, this blog was born.

Often when I watch television or movies a certain woman will jump out at me and I will be fascinated by her story. This happened recently with Dawn Schiller. I watched Wonderland for the first time this weekend. I know, where have I been, right? Not only did I not know about the Wonderland Murders (I know, thats it incredibly wierd for someone so up on crime and murders. What can I say- I slipped) but I had no clue who John Holmes was. (If there is anyone out there as clueless as I was, John was a famous porn star with a huge weenie).

Dawn was the 15 year old girlfriend of the married and 31 year old John Holmes.  WTF!? you say? So did I. I went went straight to Google and searched for Dawn after the movie and found she is very much alive, produced the Wonderland movie and does some pretty amazing research. Amazing because what she researches, lectures and writes about (besides her life of beatings and forced prostitution with John Holmes) is how young girls, throwaway teens, can and will eventually become drug users and criminals.

She proves my point with eloquence and facts. A combination definetly worth perusing.

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