My latest letter from Kelly Gissendaner is mostly about her hatred of the book writtern about her, "First We'll Kill My Husband." She says it is full of so many lies that she violently threw it around her cell for several minuets, ripping it to shreds under her feet and beneath her fists.

She remarks how the author never once met with her or contacted her in any way. She also talks of her appeals and how damaging this older book still is to her case and the actual facts.

I always think of Celest Beard and her lesbian lover Tracy who killed her husband by blowing his stomach apart. I dont know Kellys case and I barely know Celest's but for some reason one puts me in mind of another.

Kelly is another instance where her lover did the killing of the spouse and NOT her. If I remember correctly at the moment, I believe Kelly is even saying she did not know her lover planned to kill him.

But there she sits on death row when the lover got a life sentence.

Stacey Morgan Schoeck may be the next target of Georgias vengence. She is accused and waiting trial for the murder of her husband by a hit man on Valentines Day.

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