Ever watch Most Evil or Wicked Attraction? All these shows always put Judy Neelley as the most evil, wicked women in the world. What I dont understand is how these people, (like the guy that wrote the book about her "Early Graves" never even spoke to her much less actually met her) can make these asumptions with only half the story. In this day and age, when we come closer to ever than understanding the human experience, how can we still blame Judy for everything knowing that she was brutally tortured by her husband? How is this possible?

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  1. I agree that we should get to know the woman first and I'm sure that she isn't the most evil person in the world, but as to her killing because she was tortured by her husband, If she killed her husband, I could understand, but if she killed her kids, then she chose to do it, whether she was tortured or not.


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