Newest Woman on Florida’s Death Row


Woman Sentenced To Death For Killing Housekeeper - County By County News Story - WFTV Orlando

This lady will join Tiffany Cole on the row this month. She worried so much about the last girl, Emillia Carr. I remember her telling me how she worried about the girl and knew how hard it was to come to prison all alone.

Death row in Florida now holds three women. Tiffany Cole, Emillia Car and Margaret Allen.

Margret story is told like this on the Florida Dept of Corections website:

BF, born 1/23/66, was sentenced to death from Brevard County on May 19, 2011 for torturing and killing her housekeeper, Wenda Wright, whom she thought had stolen money from her purse. The jury unanimously voted for the death penalty for her. She also got a life sentence for kidnapping. Prosecutors said the torture went on for hours before Wright was strangled with a belt. Allen's roommate, James Martin, and nephew, Quinton Allen, were both convicted for their part in helping her try to bury the body in a shallow grave.

Emilia joined the group back in February of this year and is described this way:

WF, born 8/4/84 was sentenced from Marion County on February 22, 2011 for the kidnapping and murder of her co-defendant’s ex-wife, Heather Strong, 26. The co-defendants, who were dating at the time the time of the murder and have a child together, are accused of having lured Strong into a storage trailer behind Carr's mother's home, duct-taping her to a chair, putting a plastic bag over her head and suffocating her. The victim’s body was found a month later (March 2009) in a shallow grave. The jury recommended the death penalty by a 7-5 majority. Carr is currently on death row at Lowell CI Annex.

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