I have a new assignment that's right up my alley.
Its an article on Hybristophilia. Go figure.
Hybristophilia is an intense sexual attraction to extremely violent criminals - and yet it goes unknown and mostly unresearched.

This malady seems to show itself more in women than men and we have witnessed it in the likes of Karla Holmolka when she assisted her boyfriend Paul Bernardo in the rape and killing of her sister. We also saw it in Carol Ann Fugate when she jumped in the '55 Dodge with Charles Starkweather and blazed a trail of bullet holes across the country.

All these girls had it bad, though. These are the aggressive hybristolphiliacs. What of the passive ones? You know, the girls that like the guy from the "iffy" end of town. That dude that showed up at your aunts house after your cousin picked him up from jail, the guy that always sits at the end of the bar in a black t-shirt and blue eyes who's steppin out back to smoke every so often. That type.

Hybristophilia is a type of sex addiction and so obscure that the American Psychiatric Association has yet to give it its own category in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health (DSM-IV). It is also the reason for the Natural Born Killers, Bonnie and Clyde good girl gone bad syndrome that appears here and there.

If your not an AGGRESSIVE hybristophiliac, you may be a PASSIVE hybristophiliac.
This is where you get you serial killer groupies, avid letter writers and prison wives. They don't want to commit the crimes as those aggressive bitches but have more of a desire to reform there paramour, understand and justify like only they can do.

These types of women often feel the same violent tendencies but chose not to act on them or at least haven't as of yet. They may even have a biological attraction to aggressive behavior. There are theories that women who feel these attractions are feeling DNA throwback vibes from cave man days when bitches had to get with the strongest, most aggressive man in the pack just to survive.

Then there are the chicks that feel the need to have ultimate power over these incarcerated men. A man in jail can be a very devoted fella indeed.

Whatever it is, it's real.

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