George Josef Miskovsky III Brenda Andrew's attorney during her trial for the murder of her husband,
George Joseph Miskovsky III, was charged with having sex with a young girl.
This wasn't especially hidden information. It was reported on here -> newsok.com/attorney-charged-in-sex-with-girl/article/1783778 The surprising part is that there hasn't been much said about it in her appeals.

The actual charge was raping and sodomizing a 15-year-old girl in a Best Western Inn & Suites location in OK. He went to jail in 2008 but was release in 2009 serving only one year for a conviction of child prostitution. What I found really weird was the fact that he had forcible sex with this girl not once but twice; in the hotel and in his upscale home in Oklahoma and got only one year and yet the prostitute, Lorie Michelle Toney, who brought the girl to him, is serving a 10 year sentence.
Ummmm.... HUH?!
James Pavatt, Brenda Andrew's co-conspirator in the murder of her husband is also on death row with an execution fast approaching since all of his appeals have been exhausted. There are some interesting facts on him lately too. Look for a post on those facts in the coming days.

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