Chelsea Richardson Removed from Death Row

Chelsea will be resentenced to life within the next 30 – 45 days. I do write to Chelsea and have spoken with her mother. It has always been a bone of contention among the family that Chelsea was the only one of all the kids involved to get a death sentence.

It made no real sense in the first place since there was the least amount of physical evidence that pointed to her. Some evidence was even held from the trial proceedings and that, in fact, is why she will receive a new sentencing hearing.

According to Chelsea and her family, Stephanie Toledano was the mastermind of the murders of Chelsea’s boyfriends parents. She had been staying with Chelsea, her mom and her brother because she was having trouble at home.

The fact that certain evidence was withheld from the trial has caused may remarks about misconduct by prosecutors in the case. Sadly this is seen so, so often. A prosecutor wants to win so bad they misrepresent the case or sometimes just wants the case solved so bad they lie to themselves.

On Wednesday, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals sent the case back to Tarrant County for a new sentencing hearing, noting, "The state, through its prosecutor Mike Parrish, failed to reveal
Brady material regarding an examination of its key witness by a psychologist, which affected
the punishment phase of her trial."


  1. Not uncommon in the criminal justice system. The system is blind to guilt or innocence. Most cases are decided behind closed doors, in barter fashion between attorneys. Whatever happened to cold hard evidence that indicates guilt or innocence? or an attorney who is truly concerned about the welfare of their client in lieu of headlines. Most attorneys assigned to defend a client are doing it as some form of punishment or penalty based on previous performance. How is this fair to the client? Let me answer you, its not!! Having to undo the worthless defense of an attorney the first time around proves to be very difficult. How is any of this justice? It certainly denies a defendant who can not pay for a high dollar representation their right to a fair and impartial trial! The system needs to be overhauled so there is "JUSTICE FOR ALL!"

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    This is quite possibly the dumbest and most poorly informed thing I have ever heard anyone say about criminal defense lawyers. And I hear people say dumb stuff all day every day. I don't know a single defense lawyer who is doing so as punishment for anything.

    MOST criminal defense lawyers do what we do because we believe that it is ABSOLUTELY necessary in order to remian a country in which people are free to think, feel, and say what they please, no matter how dumb.

    A citizen is never more vulnerable than when his government makes a criminal accusation, and the more terrible the accusation, the more vulnerable the accused. And it matters not whether he is guilty or innocent: his fellow citizens will demand "Justice," which is usually a cover for harsh, unjust, and vengeful treatment.

  3. My last comment was in direct response to Wendy's comment that "Most attorneys assigned to defend a client are doing it as some form of punishment or penalty based on previous performance."

    I tried to quote it, but it didn't come through.

  4. Let me tell you, as a criminal justice student I have learned a few things regarding the ins and outs of justice. Being assigned an attorney because you can't afford to pay for a defense is not by volunteer effort. When a judge wants to penalize an attorney for infractions, they are assigned community service cases for defendants that cannot afford legal representation. I should have reworded the comments to say, those attorneys who are assigned a defendants case because they do not have the funds to pay for legal representation.


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