Did you know they have sales at Publix?

Guest post of the week by Brittany Booker
Everyone knows that in this day and age everyone is out to save money. It is no secret that our country has been in a recession for the past year or so. So for the past year I have starting being a coupon and deal shopper. I will make my grocery list based on what I can find on sale that week. I will see something I want at a store but I won’t buy it then. I will wait until it goes on sale first. I have never ever been a bargain shopper until recently. So one day I was online at work looking up Internet providers by Zip Code for my new house which is located outside of town. While I was on there I noticed an ad for some sale items at Publix with a link back to their web site. It turns out that they have all of their sale and special items listed out on their web site now. I have decided I am going to start going online before I make my shopping list every week!

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