Brooke Marie Rottiers- California

Brooke Rottiers is over 200 lbs and stands nearly 6 feet tall. She was also a prostitute. A specialty niche of the trade would be my guess.

She has been sentenced to death by lethal injection for murdering two day laborers. She and two accomplices, Omar Hutchinson and Franchune Epps,  lured the men to her room after an afternoon of drinking with the promise of sex. Once there they were tied up, strangled, tortured, and suffocated.

According to the D.A. report, she shoved her gigantic bra and panties down their throats, covered their heads in plastic, beat them and wrapped their bodies in bed sheets. With the help of her partners in crime she put them in the trunk of her car and drove to a remote lake area and parked.

Somewhere Brooke went wrong. The defense brought many witnesses stating what a kind and attentive mother she was and how she eventually became a prostitute after becoming addicted to drugs.  Many of her close friends and relatives do not believe she did this willingly but others who knew her while she was an addict say it is all to possible.

There is also the school of thought that Omar was the ring leader. He received a life sentence but stands by his statement that Brooke, who stood several inches taller and outweighed him by at least 25 lbs forced him into it. The world may never know.


  1. Anonymous7:01 PM

    Wow,I feel sorry for her kids. I can't imagine it's easy to have a mother on death row convicted of that crime.

    1. Yea...childhood was a harsh thing for me along with my 4 sisters but we have pulled through strong in the end

    2. Yeah it was tough

  2. I thought the same thing, Neva. She has one daughter and by all accounts she was a great mother until she became addicted to meth. So I think that probably made it twice as hard on her.

  3. Look for my upcoming book on the Rottiers case on Amazon Kindle in about a week Horror in Highgrove: Murder by Prostitute and my current book is up now BY Blood Betrayed: The Corona Christmas Murders Sarinana case) all based on actual court transcripts


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