Twenty-Two Year Old Murdering Prostitute? Or Innocent Bystander in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time?

An interesting case is developing in Molino, Florida. Twenty-two year old mother of two, Debra Burge, has been arrested for the robbery and murder of Harvey Ray Smith,42. 

The two knew each other through a mutual aquaintance and had a flirty kind of banter between them. Debra conspired with her friend and lover, Zachary Vance Greer, 22.

The plan was to lure SMith to Debras house where Greer would rob him. Debra says that she opened her front door to find Greer had stabbed Smith to death as he walked up her driveway after having given the couple a ride to the store.

After the murder, Zachary put Smiths body into the trunk of his car. ebra loaded her two children into the car, drove it to Motel6 and registered. She and the kids spent the night and got up the morning, leaving the car and the body inside. 

Zachary has only recently been arrested and no statements have been made public. He may have a completly different story.

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