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I received a three page letter from Pamela Moss today. She had a lot to say. She apologized several times for the length of the letter, explaining that she has no family or friends save for one, an elderly gentleman, and was starving for someone to talk to.

Pamela is serving a life sentence for murdering a man she had a business relationship with, Doug Coker. The story goes that she owed him some hefty dough and didn't want to or couldn't pay. She met him at McDonalds for coffee. Somehow, she convinced him to meet her at her house and when he arrived she gave him a little blunt force trauma over the head and stowed him away under her porch.

She took off for a few days and authorities found his body after tracing his daily movements and seeing the video from McDonalds.

Her lawyer announced she would turn herself in but days passed without a trace of her. She was finally apprehended and indicted.

She spent seven years in prison previously in the manslaughter of her mother and her husband's death, of a supposed heart attack in 2008, is being reinvestigated. Hmmm.... She did mention in the letter that her husband died of a heart attack.

Her defence is that she has multiple personality disorder and it was an alter ego who felt threatened and killed Mr. Coker. The jury did not buy it. She received a life sentence and wrote to me from Pulaski prison.

Her letter was like most other newly sentenced lifers. She asked for a lot of legal advice and where to find pro bono lawyers. She had a lot of complaints about the food which I thought was odd since she'd spent seven years in prison already. This is not her first rodeo.

She did mention some issues with the medical staff I thought was a little startling. She claims the M.D., a Dr. Nazaire has been sued for malpractice several times and no longer has a medical license. She states three women have died under his care since her arrival.

She says "I'm told by many he works under someone elses license and doesn't even drive, A nurse, the medical director, Ms. Rodgers, picks him up on the days he works."

A southern prison employing an unlicensed doctor on the cheap? It isn't out of the realm of possibility.

In the meantime-
Pamela asks for penpals saying:

5'7 , 10/24/57 white/female
Avid reader, favorite Daniel Silva.
Enjoys tennis, gardening, flowers, cooking and traveling.

So, go figure.

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