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Jason Wickenhagen Letter
Kenneth Bianchi referred a fellow inmate at Washington State Penitentiary to me in early March, Mr. Jason Wickenhagen.

His letter starts out fairly forlorn and basically stays that way save for a few dull flashes of hope when he mentions what Mr. Bianchi has given him in regards to my services.

 “In all honesty I don’t know why I’m writing. This kind of thing never works for me but I figured what the hell. I’ll give it one more try and after reading some of your letters my hopes got higher.” 

The next part of his letter, I suppose is in reference to Mr. Bianchi’s infamous stardom and his own lack thereof.

“I’m not anybody special. I can understand why people don’t write. After the things I've done in life I certainly don’t deserve it. This isn’t self-pity. I just what I did was wrong and unforgivable. I am doing life without parole for the murder of a child.”

 Rachel Johanna Carver was Jason’s niece. His wife and Rachael’s mother were sisters. Sadly, Rachel had been placed in Rene and Jason Wickenhagen’s home for safety. Her father had sexually molested her sister and mother. Rachel was placed in the Wickenhagen’s custody to protect her from her parents.

She came up missing and her Aunt and Uncle dutifully reported it to the police. When her body was found days later, Jason confessed to sexually assaulting and beating her to death on June 14, 1995. At first he told police that three men broke into his home and forced him to beat Rachel to death. He was 23 years old at the time. He said he owed them money. He named names but one of them was out of town at the time of the murder and his story just went downhill from there.

 “I just feel in my heart that I am a better person now. I am still a work in progress but its moving in the right direction. All I want out of life now is to be of help to others. I was so selfish for so long. It is time to give back. I am trying every day.”

I sent Jason a newsletter and a book list. I'll be posting more about his case as he reveals it.

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