Virginia Butler & Tracy Gomez California

Two women caught on camera have been charged in the beating death of an elderly man as he waited for a train in Los Angelos. Virginia Marie Butler and Tracy Joy Gomez are accused of tragically beating  65-year-old John Whitmore as he waited for a Blue Line train. He died at the hospital a week later, after receiving severe injuries from the attack.

Prosecutors say the two women approached Mr. Whitmore and began beating him with their hands and feet, using brass knuckles on June 13 and left the scene after he fell to the ground. No motive has been declared and the investigation is ongoing. Gomez has a second degree robbery conviction from 2009 that will play a part in her charges. 

Both women have pleaded not-guilty and remain in custody with million dollar bonds. If found guilty, they could receive life without the possibility of parole. 


  1. They both deserve life without parole.What they did was absolute murder.And for those on the platform that did nothing,they should be publicly named and shamed.With facial recognition etc I am sure many can be identified.

  2. I Hope they never see the light of day, this man they killed was a giving man, who gave to alot of people! And the people who watched and did nothing are guilty Also, that's aiding. If they were with a friend or a driver and that person robbed someone, just cause u were there, you can get charged too, so they have responsibility in this also in my eyes!


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