Amy Lynn Bates - Tennessee

Amy Bates
Very little information has been revealed in the case of Amy Lynn Bates. For reasons not yet uncovered or reported Amy Bates shot Paul Bryan Rector in the head late December 16th in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The house was full of other people, but no one is talking yet. 

After she shot him, she set the house on fire. Apparently she felt everyone in the home would be understanding because she alerted them to what she had done and told them the house was on fire. The witnesses saw flames emerging from her bedroom and called police.

Amy ran out the back door but was soon apprehended by police. She appeared in court last week, but it was postponed until January 6th. Perhaps more details will be released then. 


  1. I went to school with her. She was always really nice, but Senior year and beyond, became extremely addicted to meth and had problems. I would've never guessed this! Where can I keep updated?

  2. She was methed out and no one is talking because they would like to keep their privacy.I live in the neighborhood this took place in, we try and help people who need it. This was that kind of case and the girl went crazy simple as that. That is what drugs do to you.


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