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Elita “Gaby” Maldonado - Nevada

Elita “Gaby” Maldonado killed a man in May of 2014. After he paid her for sex she clobbered him with a 40 lbs dumbell and stabbed him almost 40 times. Gaby was a prostitute in the Vegas area, and had been arrested many times for prostitution and meth use. She has a history of mental problems and was often seen on her street corner talking to herself and rocking.

She hooked up with William Sanford and told him she was looking for her children and he agreed to help her find them. I guess he needed to have the sex first, or she did, Im not sure how that part went, but they went to his apartment to complete their transaction. The next part is up for debate too, depending upon which version you want to believe.

Gaby said she heard her childrens voices in her head telling her Sanford was hurting them. She hit him with the dumbbell and when he woke up, she attacked him with a knife. 
To save her children.
In her statement to police she said she told him she was hearing her childrens voices and he didnt seem to care and went to lay down. That pissed her off. After she hit him in the forehead with the dumbbell they started to fight and tussel, ending up in the kitchen where she got the knife, 

After killing him she cleaned up, took his car keys, cell phone and credit cards, and left in his 2003 Cadillac. She carried an empty box out to the car, the police say in an attempt to make her departure look normal. She drove around doing meth until she ran out of gas and then hopped a train going to Phoenix. Except it wasnt going to Phoenix, it went to Wyoming. She got to Wyoming and decided to steal and consequently crash a pizza delivery van. 
All the while, police in Las Vegas have found Sanford's body and identified Gaby as their suspect. 

Arrested and returned to Nevada, she called her sisters but told them she was being raped by Sanford and had merely protected herself. She told psychologists a whole other story.
Its clear this lady is bat shit crazy. She should be in a mental hospital, not a jail. Id be willing to bet if she had pricey insurance she would have been in a mental hospital long ago. Receiving treatment, on medication. Not taking lives and hearing voices.
Regardless, she has been convicted of first degree murder and will be sentenced soon. 


  1. I know this lady personally. She has 5 half sisters. Her mother claimed she was a product of rap, but I highly doubt that since I used to be married to one of her sisters. I first met her when she was 8 in Milwaukee. Her older sisters and mother treated her like shit and she was sent to foster care while the others stayed home. At a very young age they would call her "nigger" say "you stink" and would tell neighbors she would suck dick at the tot lot. She had a rough life, the only one who showed her some love was her step dad ( the father of her sisters) he gave her his last name. Her family are a bunch of low live scum bags who drink all the time , do cocaine, abuse and neglect there children and talk alot of shit just because there Mexican and think there better than everyone else. Elita tried numerous time to have a good relationship with them and seek there help but they were too occupied with "fiestas" and fucking each others in-laws. Since I expressed my concern for her, she started to like me . I lost contact with her in 2002.She later found love and had children , but that didn't work out since he was a religious fanatic. In 2010 I ran into her and let her stay with me for a few weeks and all she ever talked about was her children. I never seen her since till now. All this lady wanted was some love and acceptance from those who should give it. We all need to value family or things like this will happened. This was a sweet girl turned into a monster by the people she loved. I hope she last in there. I will write her and send her some funds. And I do feel sorry for the victim but , who lets a hooker stay over. You pay a whole to leave, there not your wife. He should of seen the red flag not her ass. Juan Andres Balderas

    1. WOW! Thanks so much for your insight Juan. Its important that people like you step up and tell what they have seen. It helps the rest of us make sense of the tragedies around us. Do you think she is mentally ill? DId you see any of the unstable behavior when she was young?

  2. No she wasn't unstable as child she just loved everyone and she just went down the wrong track.and got lost in the system


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