Appearance on Snapped on Oxygen

Michelle Byrom and I with the Snapped crew, her sister Renee and my assistant Michelle 
Michelle Byrom, my bestie and a woman recently released from Mississippi death row, was recorded for an episode of Snapped on the Oxygen network. Michelle, her sister Renee and I were all interviewed on camera in a lawyers office in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

My assistant, Michelle, and I picked up the sisters at their brother's home in a Boro suburb and off we went to the lawyers office. It all started pretty quickly. I was amazed at how adept everyone was at their job.

Michelle was very sure of herself and not nervous at all. I was so proud of her and so excited that she was finally able to let everyone know how Mississippi treated her. Someone should be held accountable for the terror she lived for those many years.

I thought I would be nervous but I wasn't. They were so professional things seemed to just float by. Like having a conversation with a friend. I had to learn to remember to drop the pronouns and always use full names. I couldn't wear my glasses and that kinda bummed me out. It was a fantastic experience Ill not soon forget.

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  1. All of you were great! Kelly, you were so professional during the interview.


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