Octavia Rogers - Is She Another Andrea Yates?

Miss Octavia Rogers stabbed her three young sons to death in June of 2016. Eight-year-old Jaikare Rahaman, 5-year-old Jeremiah Adams and 2-month-old Avery Robinson were found partially dismembered in her Phoenix home by police. She had sliced her own throat and stabbed herself in the abdomen. They found her boys in a closet, the baby stuffed inside a suitcase. She was raving about finding the true meaning of life and a new relationship with God. Her family said religion had recently been a topic of great interest to her and she had been nonstop talking about finding the answer. She posted on Facebook about taking God out of schools and how America had last control of its youth. 

She arrived in court Monday for a hearing. She has plead not guilty. Her lawyers have not given any clues as to their defense strategy. Rogers entire family has stepped up to say this isn't like her and she has always been an exceptional mother. She shuffled into the courtroom, barley healed from her serious self inflicted wounds that kept her hospitalized for months. She cried hysterically and held up her handcuffed hands wailing "Help me...". Her next trial date is set for mid February.

I believe we will see a maternal snap ala Andrea Yates has taken place here. Her attorneys are terrified that the death penalty will be on the table. So far, we've heard that investigators have found no signs of previous mental illness such as exhibited by Yates. Her own mother, while supportive, has issued comments saying there was no reason for Rogers to feel stressed by motherhood because she had a lot of family help. Her Facebook page shows a happy, healthy family.

I am curious to see what happened to this woman and why she did this horrible thing. Her poor mother suffers more than anyone right now. Her cherished grandchildren gone forever at the hands of her own daughter. Shes lost her daughter as well, to mental illness and to the state of Arizona forever. 

There are certainly no winners here and justice cannot be done in the face of illness.  

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