Friends with Benefits and Bitches

Friends With Benefits: How to Change the World With a Handful of Letters

I wrote this handy guide to write to prisoners. It explains how to mentor a prisoner through letters. You learn exactly what you can do and why it's important. It is .99 cents. and free if you have Kindle Unlimited.

If you are interested in writing to inmates and making a huge difference with just a small bit of your time, it's worth the dollar. If you purchase it, send me a screenshot and I have some fun stuff for you.

This basic guide to mentoring inmates explains why mentoring is important and how important it is to female inmates. Learn what a mentor is, what they do and how its keeping women out of jail.
From pen pals to formal programs there are many ways to mentor inmates. This short guide familiarizes readers with the various programs as well as how to go it alone.
Kelly Banaski is an inmate and prison reform activist known for writing for inmates instead of about them. She painstakingly and with much heart tells the stories of America's death row women on her website www.thewomancondemned.com through her own experiences in letters, phone calls, and visits.

I also wrote an ebook called Bitches : Lessons Learned From Death Row.

It is a short account of one of the experiences I had when I first started writing women on death row. The women on Pennsylvania death row sort of ganged up on me. I was a newbie and it wigged me out. Thinking back on it, it doesn't bother me as much.

It is also .99 cents.

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