Alicia Valdez, Cold Blooded Murderess at 20

Caleb and Devon
Alicia Valdez, her boyfriend Devon Howard, and a friend of theirs, Caleb Vigil, decided they would begin a crime spree and purchased a gun. They intended to perform armed robberies on anyone they thought had money.

27-year-old Andrew Jenicek walked up to a BBQ restaurant in Edgewood, Colorado, to get dinner for his girlfriend on April5th, 2018. Caleb approached him in the parking lot and shot him in the chest while robbing him.

He ran back to Valdez's car, driven by Howard, and got in. They ran over Jenicek as they were leaving the scene.

Howard and Vigil then went to a house in Arvada where Howard knew a pregnant woman who lived there with her child and fired shots into the bedroom to intimidate her because she was a witness in another proceeding, prosecutors said.

The woman was not injured and the child was out of the house at the time of the shooting.

The next day, Vigil and Howard committed an armed robbery at a mobile phone store in Lakewood, robbing customers and the clerk at gunpoint.

While investigating the crime police found the trio on various security cameras laughing, joking and excited after the murder. Police have said that Alicia was calm, cool, and collected during her initial interview. And even that 'she ran that interview".

"It was shocking to see that apathy and lack of humanity at the time of the homicide," said Matthew Durkin, the Chief Deputy District Attorney who helped prosecute the case.

The trio shot Jenicek and then ran him over. A witness told investigators Valdez was "thrilled" at what they'd done.

"She celebrated. She was joking. She said it was tight. They went back and they laughed. They went to the 7-Eleven and they went about their business," said Durkin.

Durkin also said he believed she was the ringleader of the threesome.

Devon Howard, 21, was sentenced to life in prison plus 279 years and Caleb Vigil, 20, was sentenced to life in prison plus 118 years. Alicia received life without parole.

Howard and Valdez married after the murder.


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