Janet Tybursky - Twisted Sisiter

Hey all you cool cats and kittens...
Sorry, I couldn't resist.

I wanted to give you a lil' heads up. 

I had to redownload Hulu last night and found that Twisted Sisters has a season 2 on the platform. Did you know this show was produced by Khloe Kardashian? I did not.

I was excited to check it out and guess what I found? Remember Janet Tybursky?
There is a great episode on her in the second season of Twisted Sisters. 

I was really struck by Janet's mother-in-law. She brought me almost to tears a couple of times. My gosh, what a sweet woman.

This is the only show I have seen done on this case so far. Its $1.99 on Amazon if you don't have Hulu.

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